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The Reece Malcolm List - Amy Spalding So, fair warning that I know the author and my name might be listed in the thank-yous for having read an early draft of this. But look, it's about teenagers, and love, and fitting in, and musical theater, and long-lost parents, so there was no way I wouldn't enjoy a book like that. That I would LOVE it, that I would get all kinds of emotional over it, that I would be like OH MY GOD THIS BOOK, that has nothing to do with knowing the author, and everything to do with how talented a writer she is.

I have read a lot of books by a lot of friends, and I enjoy many of them, but they're also often in varying states of readiness and disarray. This book, I was just like, Holy shit, this book is perfect, how is it not already published? How do I KNOW someone who wrote a book this solid? How is everyone not ALREADY talking about this book?

I'm really excited for all the people who are now finally going to get to have this book in their lives. I'm really excited that this book is now out in the world, for everyone. It's so, so good.