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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré This book felt like the longest slog ever, where nothing ever happened, ever and then BAM FIVE AMAZING CHAPTERS AT THE END. It felt like we’d come the long way around but once we got there, dang. That’s the part of the book you take away, not the fact that someone turns pink or red on every blessed page, or that every single line of dialogue contains an adverb that describes exactly how you were already interpreting the sentence, not the GOD DAMNED HOUSE ELVES.

I think if I was just reading this to myself my brain wouldn’t register these annoyances as strongly, but becuase I’m reading it slowly & aloud to my son, the repetitive weight of all these writerly tics starts to become exhausting. Kinnell was ready to jump right into the next book but I need to take a break and read other things and besides I think we’re getting into territory that is maybe a bit too mature for him.

Other thoughts:
-Dumbledore is definitely my favorite.
-Enough hinting that there's something interesting going on with Snape, how about if something ACTUALLY interesting happens with Snape
-There were a few parts where I felt the movie ironed things out pretty elegantly compared to how they happened in the book
-BUT the ending of the book is stronger than the ending of the movie
-House elves are the worst, god bless the movie for stripping that out
-I'm fully aware I'm being a hater but I don't understand all the 5 star reviews for this book. How could anything with all that jar jar binks house elf dialogue get 5 stars.