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Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones Man it has been a while since I have read anything. I read this with Kinnell. We finished it a few weeks ago. He was super into it. I was super into it. Neither of us had seen the movie NOR read any DWJ previously. Stylistically I was very into this book. It's kind of a mess? It's unclean, random things happen and people go in and out of moods. It was very fun and very original and mentally I got into this whole thing that made me depressed about how it seems like how everything is so narrowly defined in publishing these days. Would this get published as YA today? Probably not? Even if it did would it have had to go through a bunch more editing to smooth out some its randomness. I'm not making a lost of sense but I suppose I'm also not trying very hard. I enjoyed this book, thank you Meg for buying it for me. I am going to read more from this author.