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New X-Men by Grant Morrison Ultimate Collection - Book 2 - John Paul Leon (Artist),  Grant Morrison,  Phil Jimenez (Artist),  Frank Quitely (Artist),  Igor Kordey (Artist),  Ethan Van Sciver ( Probably my favorite volume of the Grant Morrison run. Introduces some of my all-time favorite characters, including Fantomex and Dust and the Stepford Cuckoos (who were technically introduced in the previous volume but get better time here).

The drug thing wasn't my favorite? But it was fine. And anyway I liked the focus on younger mutants, still trying to figure out who they were, and I like the way it all builds up to shatter Xavier's mission, send Cyclops away, etc. All the fun stuff that still echoes through the X-Men universe.

Also this volume focused less on the universe and more on the relationships, esp Jean & Emma, so I liked that.

To sum up, I really enjoy Fantomex.