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To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path Adventure - William Shakespeare, Ryan North Kickstarter books are always a gamble. That's part of the fun? Maybe? There's the whole "Is this book even going to get written and published like the author promised" thing NEVER EVEN MIND the "Will I even like it" thing.

Well this book got kickstarted and it really happened, right on schedule, and I really like it, it is the one of the most fun books in existence.

I don't know what exactly I was expecting. You hear Hamlet Choose Your Own Adventure and you think: A Fun New Take On Shakespeare. But really Ryan just used the bones of Shakespeares Hamlet to write a whole new bunch of stories. The plot points are there, but all the text is new. Ryan didn't reinterpret Shakespeare, he just wrote his ass off.

I've only played? read? through a few times, (you can be 3 different characters). Once I ended up leading a ghost battle? One time I left Denmark to fight terrorists? One time I was in a relationship sim?

This is a whole new, unique thing, that is Very Ryan North. The love of science and logic that you see every day in his Dinosaur Comics is here, on every page. And the strongly feminist approach he takes to reinterpreting the character of Ophelia in particular is not just fun, but kind of loving? It's really great, just read it.

Also, needs to be said: this is the ultimate bathroom book. Set aside your Extraordinary Book of Facts and your Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader. This is really the only book you need in your bathroom. This isx it, the alpha and omega.