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Stumptown, Vol. 1 - Matthew Southworth, Greg Rucka Casey gave me this book to read. I really loved the art. The story is a little by-the-numbers. Down on her luck PI faces various setbacks as she tries to unravel a mystery about a missing girl. It's not too terribly much of a mystery, and none of the characters really "stuck" for me: there are a dozen or so characters in the story but you don't really learn much about any of them, so they mainly just exist. Also the main character has a brother with Down Syndrome (she refers to him as mentally retarded?) but you don't learn much about him or their history so the pathos sort of drops like an anchor on the page. Made me more interested to read Queen & Country, a story by the same writer that a lot of people on Goodreads seem to prefer. I shall add that to the list.