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Child of the Hunt - Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder, Joss Whedon After about 100 page I gave up, I'm sorry to say. I just couldn't vibe with it and I'm bummed because I bought this at a tag sale from a guy who was SO INTO BUFFY BOOKS. He had a whole pile of them so I dug through and picked this one and another one that looked interesting and he was like "Yes those are good ones!" I want to revisit this down the road but for now it just wasn't doing it for me. The writers clearly know the characters very well but there was so much internal character brain exposition it was like watching a very slow episode of Buffy where the characters all said all their thoughts aloud. Not that this in and of itself but I already know the characters so well I would have liked to cut some of the personality establishing in favor of moving the plot along faster. That's about me, not the book. That said there is interesting stuff happening here--Buffy kills a child vampire whose mom thinks he's just missing, hoping he'll come back soon, and the human side being shaped by the after-effects of Buffy's "work" is a really interesting thing to explore. Like I say, I'll revisit.