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Marvel Romance - Stan Lee, Gary Friedrich, Dick Giordano 1. Grain of salt: this is a /very kitschy/ 4 stars.

2. Excellent bathroom reading, can I just say. Perfect length. (Is it OK for us to talk about that, or are we going to pretend like you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

3. I wish there was a critical essay in here or two, to help put the collection in historical perspective. This is rich stuff, and we should be picking it apart with tweezers and writing formulas on the chalkboard about What It All Means.

4. Because who were these stories for, exactly? Really, were they to try and lure women in to comics? Because I don't buy it. And the stories that act like all the outfits and hairdos were suggest by readers ("Slim 'n svelte Patsy's sheath by: Robin Lillibridge, Battle Creek, Mich.") have got to be the fakest things ever.

5. I mean what should we draw from the fact that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and John Romita Sr. (read: comic book nerds) are writing these stories about (extremely) hot chicks pining away over boys who /probably don't even know they're alive!/ This is Type 1 Transference, right? RIGHT? I mean isn't that interesting?

6. Because yes they're called Romance comics, and love is the text, but what we're really talking about here is a whitewashed desire (read: talking about sex without talking about sex).

7. Finally and perhaps most importantly, basically every single panel of every single comic would make a stellar livejournal icon.