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We Are The Friction - Sing Statistics,  Caren Beilin,  Carey Mercer,  Sean Michaels,  Roxanne Paris,  Ryan Boudinot,  Jez Burrows,  Chris Eaton,  Ben Greenman,  Mark Hamilton,  Dan Kennedy,  Spencer Krug Great idea, great execution, great cast. Really enjoyed a bunch of the stories and a bunch of the art.

Now, some data which I find interesting.

In general I preferred the stories that were inspired by illustrations to the stories that inspired illustrations. SIMILARLY, I preferred the illustrations inspired by stories to the illustrations that inspired stories. What does that mean, I wonder? Is that any real reflection on the quality of the stories from each half of the book, or is it a result of my interest in how stories get written, and my focus on what the heck would if I had to participate in this project, submitting a story blind and also writing a story based on an illustration? Or, is it that the most successful pieces are the ones where you can see clear links between the stories and the illustrations?

I don't know the answers to these questions but I would be happy to talk about this stuff more in person sometime.